Add Rounding Option to Rectangles

Presently in the shapes you can only pick a rectangle and a rounded rectangle. The corners of the rounded rectangle distorts at anything beyond a 1:1 ratio, so there’s no true rounded rectangle available.

However, on things like a button we have the ability to change the corner rounding value. So I propose you take the rectangle and add the ability to round the corners, then replace the current “rounded rectangle” with that same shape, but already defaulted to a noticeable corner rounding, which could then be further adjusted to whatever the user prefers.

This would make the shapes consistent with your other objects and give some nice options for UI design work.

Hey Aaron, totally agreed. Unfortunately, this is not a small project because all of our shapes are static in the way you described- can only scale up and down, not change dimensions.

Is this a high priority for you as you build apps?

I’m able to make something similar using circles and aligned rectangles, so I can get the visual I’m looking for, but I’m concerned that adding the extra elements might have a performance impact?

The other thing that’s probably a bigger downside is that if you’re creating a master layout and you want folks to know they just need to align on the elements in the master, adding all the extra shapes can make that a challenge. And I do like that it picks up alignment off master elements.

Right… I don’t think this would have a performance impact, but you are correct that it would make it harder for another person to interpret what exactly is going on.