Connecting to an OPC UA server

So I created a quick on an EC2 instance

I’m able to view the tags with an OPC client so I’m pretty sure its working

I connected to it through machine data sources \ Machine Library

I map it to a new float

But when I got to use it in an app I never see a value come in?

Any thoughts on what to check?

And I just waited longer and it decided to start working…

Hi Micheal,

It looks like you were able to pull data from the OPC connector. Do you have ay other concerns that you might want to address?

I find the following documents to be helpful when connecting machines to Tulip platform:

Please let us know if you have any other machine monitoring related questions.

Ok, I have a bit of a mystery. From what I can tell the tag data doesn’t start flowing until I subscribe to the tag using the OPC UA Viewer.

This is before I subscribe, no data flowing

This is after

This is after

It is annoying that new users can only post 1 image!!

Hi Michael,

We just adjusted the settings on our end and now you should be able to upload more than 1 image

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