Embedded Tulip Table Manipulation

It would be great if a user could sort/filter the embedded tulip tables in an applications. I am using one for an approval/work flow status. Once the table starts populating it will get very busy, even with the static filters I have already applied. I would like for the user to be able to go in an filter by a date, user name, or unique id.

Hey Chase!

You actually can filter/sort embedded tables. When you have the table widget selected in the app, on the right side you should see options to sort or filter, which can even be set up with variables.

Let’s say you have a table of WOs and want to show Open, In Progress, or Complete WOs. You could set up buttons that store each of those status types into a variable and filter the table based on a column that is equal to the app variable. When you click each button, it changes the status appropriately.

Here’s an example I had made for user management (using color variables to change the button color to indicate which group is selected!). This is just one step in an application.

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Here’s how the filter is set up along with the trigger on the Available button.