Enter a folder location in a step

What is the best way to enter a folder location as a operator input that I can then save the link to a table record that can be used later in another step to view what files are in that folder. The use case is we store a bunch of data files for each batch made in a folder on the server and we document where these data files are stored so we know where they can be retrieved.

Ideally it would be the same process as using the file input widget where it opens the windows explorer to seach for the file. Except in my case I just want the folder URL or link and not the file.

Hi @Attaboy, my best guess is to create a custom widget.
You can use the same javascript websites use for file upload and tweek it a bit to suit your needs. see the links below.

Javascript file upload example

Custom widget overview

Text input unit test

good luck!