Is there a way to 'Force' a refresh of an Embedded Analysis?

Is there a way to ‘Force’ an update to a UI element such as an Analysis, to reflect new variable/table values?? I’m thinking specifically of a Pareto chart where I’d like the chart to reflect errors/passed quantities and total quantities as they change due to user updating a value.



Hey @wkurth4008.

Right now there isn’t a trigger action to force an analytic to update. We potentially could enable this sort of functionality, but many analytics are pretty resource intensive, so I would have some concerns allowing someone to potentially force a large data visualization update multiple times in a second or two. Having said that-

  1. You can adjust the frequency with which an analysis updates. This maxes out at updates every 5 seconds, for the same performance concerns.

  2. We would expect any tables (interactive table widgets) to dynamically update if anything is added/removed from the underlying table (or if filters are updated).

Are you seeing interactive tables that aren’t updating? Or just the limitation around analytic update frequency?