Multi-User loggin on Tulip Player

Scenario: Two operators working on a job together vs single operator

It is simple to switch users while running an application at a special step and track the job.

However, when we have two people on a job working together, the time spent on the job will be different from a single operator.

I would like to have a feature where we can log in two users on player simultaneously for a job. Thereby, this will help us in differentiating the routings achieved by having multiple operators on a job.


In your use case would both operators be logged in for the entire duration of the job, or would you want to be able to track users joining/leaving throughout? We’ve considered this feature before, but currently it would require a large overhaul of our current architecture. Any more details you can provide would definitely help us think through how to design a solution when we have capacity to work on this feature.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for writing back. There could be a possibility of switching users while on the job. However, we can capture the user information by recording the currently logged user in a variable and then switch. if we take time into the perspective, I am not sure how in an app, division of the time spent on steps by multiple users will be captured.

For starters, I would say, both users logged in for the entire job is a good place to begin.