My Tulip Player isn't working!

I’m trying to run my Tulip Player, but something keeps going wrong. I’m able to run it on the web browser, but I can’t get it to run in the Player. Please help.

Thanks for your report Brian!

Were you able to try all the steps in this article? If so, what were the results?

Thanks for your reply, Kevin.

My network health was great. I talked to my IT department, and I’m able to get the player running now. Seems like there was some kind of firewall/proxy problem.
However, I still am experiencing the player sometimes crashing or not working properly when I run it. Any ideas?

Hmmm, glad to hear you were able to discover the root cause of the original problem. Can you include a screenshot from a time when it is not working properly?

It looks like my player is working fine now, but sometimes acts strangely when I test things with the “Run” button, is this known?

Hi Brian, can you share a little more detail about what you mean when you say it “acts strangely”?

I experience some freezing within the player when I go through the run button, but it is intermittent.

Understood. Have you tried to use the menu in the Tulip Player to navigate to a different app? Was that successful 100% of the time, or were there also intermittent issues?

When run in the player independently, everything is working great.