New Library Release (February/March 2023) - Learn Data and Inspection with Tulip

We’re super excited to announce that new content has just been launched on Tulip Library!

The Library is a set of apps, app suites, or connectors, that can be added to your account and used out of the box. Each app comes with an installation guide and a video describing how the app works and what it can be used for.

If there’s an app in this list that you’d like to use, click on the app’s link below and install it to your account today!

Tulip Data Functional Example

The Tulip Data Functional Example will walk you through data logging in Tulip. If you want to learn about tables, completion records and how to configure trigger logic to log your data, this asset has you covered.

Inspection Functional Example

The Inspection Functional Example (App-Based) will help you understand how to build a simple step-by-step inspection process in Tulip and log your data in completion records.

Checklist Functional Example

The Checklist Functional Example (App-Based) equips you with the knowledge and tips you need to set up a simple checklist solution on your shop floor with Tulip completion records.

Mobile Camera App

The Camera and Album App enables you to take pictures and store them in Tulip tables.