Pause Timers to then Continue adding to time

I am looking for a way to pause a step timer and then start back up adding to the time captured. Is there a way of doing this?

If we are looking to capture time for strictly process and there is something preventing the process to move forward that doesn’t specifically relate to the actual tack time of finishing the task, we would like an option to pause the timer then continue once we have the answer.

Hope this makes sense.


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Hi Heather,

I think there’s couple ways we could do this. If you’re okay with just showing the “Pause” option of the Tulip menu, that will pause the step timer. You could build a button that has the trigger action of Player Menu > Pause App. We could also build a separate break step that we navigate to when waiting, then navigate back to the main work flow when the answer has been received. We can then visualize how long we spend in that pause and could still view your process time as Total Process Time - Break Step Time.

Does that make sense?


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