Possibility of test environment

Hey guys,

I’m currently getting into Tulip and want to try and explore the possibility of testing various applications out and building them myself. I don’t have a company that has Tulip, so my question is this; is it possible to gain access to a test environment so that I can play around and try different things?

I’m currently following the basic course on Tulip university, but it’s hard to follow along when I can’t try it for myself.

Hope my question makes sense! :slight_smile:

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hello @S.E.J, welcome to the Tulip Community!! great to heard that you’ve started with Tulip University, and having an instance where you can follow along will certainly help.

you can navigate to: Try Tulip Free For 30 Days | Tulip to set up a Trial account and try Tulip free for 30 days.

let us know if you have any questions as you start building apps!!

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Hi Gio, thanks a lot for your response!

I can see that you require a company mail in order to sign up for this, is it possible for me as an individual to test it out and play around in the system?

I currently do not have a work email I can connect to try it out for free. Is there a way around this?

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hello @S.E.J, no problem!! do you perhaps have a student email?? currently, Trial accounts can be activated for individuals with a company email or with a student email.

Unfortunately not @gio.

I guess I can try to look for a student e-mail from somewhere, but that is not something I currently have. I can try to ask around if I have anyone close with a student e-mail.

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