Record lists ETA?

This note: “during the beta only single records can be created or loaded through triggers. The ability to define a record list is coming soon.” has been in place for a while. Is there an ETA for the release of this feature?

Reason I ask: I’m building a machine monitoring app that exports machine outputs to a table so I can restore the information in case the app is closed (and I can reference it in other apps) - I thought that “Last Machine Output” might give me that ability, but I could not get this to work as I thought it should with any trigger - regardless, exporting the info to a table lets me use the info in other apps. However, I was debating whether or not I should try to use one table with a record for each machine (with the fields being common machine attributes), or one table for each machine. The former would force me to constantly be loading and reloading records which seems like it could slow things down with 15+ machines outputting to the same app. The latter seemed like it would clog my tables page up with tables that only have essentially 1 record in each of them. I was hoping record lists might alleviate the issue of the former?

Hi Bryan, happy to help with this. We are releasing a new feature in 10 days that allows you to show a list of table records from one table on a step and select one. You can define a list of table records based on a parameter, like all machines with status x.

Does that help?

Ah, not sure that it will help in this case based on that description, but it does sound like a useful feature nonetheless. I’ll check it out when it releases and see if I can put it to good use… Thanks!