Release 181 - March 2020

These are the product updates in release 181.

Release 181 goes live to all “production” customers on 3/30/2020.


Full Release of “Machine Monitoring” Feature

Previously, machine monitoring required a lot of custom setup from a Tulip team member. Now, it is fully self-service and does not even require you to build an app to track data! Of course, you can still build an app to track machine data alongside human data.

Video tour here

New user roles to better manage your team

We now have 2 new roles on “Standard” and “Professional” plans, and 6 new roles on “Enterprise” plans. Use these roles to allow more team members into your Tulip account risk-free.


New integration: Nymi Bioauthentication

Every operator has a unique biological signature. You can now use the Nymi wristband to allow operators to log in and out and prove their identity via this unique signature. Reply if you want to learn more!

More New Features

New Product Education Materials

Check out the Tulip YouTube account to see advanced app building tutorials from Tulip experts!

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Very excited about some of these updates. A couple questions I do have, is there a way to update a users info/role without deactivating and making a new user? Are there plans to be able to permanently delete deactivated users?

Hey Chase, good questions.

  1. Yes! Check out the “Editing Roles of Other Users” section in this article:
  2. There are no plans for that currently. Would that be helpful to your company? Most orgs prefer deactivation because that allows them to maintain an audit trail and know that a specific user completed a specific operation, even if they have have left the organization.