Release 231 - June 2022

Release 231 is live!

In related news … there are some big changes in the works for the Tulip Library and we’d love to hear from you. Do you have strong opinions about the kinds of content you’d like to see in the Library or any other thoughts on how to improve the experience? Let us know and we can give you a sneak peak and listen to your ideas!

Read below for some of the highlights of r231:

:books: Library

  • Creating apps from Library apps will now recognize your version and disable incompatible apps from being installed.

:zap: Connectors

  • Sensitive fields in the HTTP connector header cannot be viewed from the connector function, they can only be accessed from the connector environment modal

:iphone: App Editor

  • Translations are now added to the “Show Message” and “Show Error” functions, laying the groundwork for future work on other static trigger translations.
  • Users are prompted to confirm closing triggers when translations have been edited.
  • Show a yellow icon when triggers are missing translations.
  • Improved searching in the step tab will only expand steps/step groups if they contain a match. Clearing the search will restore the original state.
  • Users can now set a border radius for rectangle objects

:muscle: Performance

  • Faster completion queries for all!
  • Machine-based analyses just got faster
  • Allow users to store larger images (>8kb) encoded in base 64 in Tulip Table image fields

:camera: Vision / Machine Learning

  • Users are now notified of progress when uploading custom model files

:lady_beetle: Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a step linked translations of widgets between the two steps (updating one widget would update the other)
  • Fixed copy and paste for input triggers
  • Fixed a UI bug in the Table Aggregation editor
  • Fixed names missing from user selection in trigger editor
  • Account owners will now be able to click on any app from the connectors page regardless of the workspace they are in.
  • Fixed devices with no name showing as “undefined” in the trigger modal

I love the addition of the popup on the Tulip developer page with the link to the release notes!


Right on @Alinator! We will make sure future releases include these banners!