Release 232 - July 2022

Another exciting release has arrived for all accounts on the standard release cycle. Below are some highlights of the release!

:iphone: App Editor

  • The signature widget now supports the signing of Table records
  • Have a hard time remembering the hotkeys for zooming in and out or panning in the editor? This convenient menu can now be found in the bottom right of your screen
  • Tables can now be sorted by multiple columns
  • Interactive tables with a variable datasource can now be filtered and sorted right in the editor. For anyone who often uses connector functions - this is huge! You no longer need to add filters into your REST API or SQL function.
  • Labels can now be added to the Text, Number, Single Select, Multiselect, and Date Picker input widgets. This eliminates the need to create and place separate Text widgets as labels - talk about a quality of life improvement! I love this feature.
  • Added a new function - ARRAY_INDEX_OF - to the expression editor using which users can find out the first occurrence of a given value in an array.
  • Extend the Run App button to allow users to start an app from the current step and from the beginning of the app
  • Added an eyed dropper tool to the color picker menu in browsers that support it. This makes it easier to pick specific colors when building apps.

:zap: Connectors

  • The connector configuration modal will let the users know if the changes made to the configuration will be propagated to published apps
  • Connectors now shows up in the activity feed which records what changed, who made the change and when was it changed.

:bar_chart: Analytics

  • Some long-awaited changes to analytics are rolling in! Recently we’ve added control charts - we’ve now added forecasting! This feature is in beta so please reach out if you’d like to try it!
  • Analytics are getting a fresh new look as we continue to add new features to this part of the platform
  • Added Close button to analytics editor to allow users to close analytics without saving changes.

:computer: Stations, Devices, and Machines

  • A new Node-RED library flow for Witmotion HTW091B imu sensor

:lady_beetle: Fixes, Bugs, and Performance Improvements

  • Keyboard focus now automatically moves to the App Name input in the Create App modal. This enables users to create apps from scratch more quickly.
  • Multi-Tenant Connector Host test coverage is improved.
  • Account owners will receive an email when completions fail to record
  • CSV import and exports are now tracked in the Activity History.
  • Table schema changes are now tracked in the Activity History. This includes rename, description edited, archived, restored, column added, column label edited, column description edited, column archived and column restored.
  • ‘Show Error’ trigger action is now hidden when building apps if displaying errors has been disabled in the Account Setting.
  • Fix connector hosts URL encoding input values in the body of a connector host
  • Button Icon Selector properly translates to other languages.
  • Fixed an issue where frontend sorting did not work for timestamp values
  • Fixed an issue where the app editor did not resolve timestamp values properly
  • Fixed an issue where app analyses could not render integers
  • Resolved completions data not being saved if text had null value
  • Fixed an issue where the completions query failed when large integers where present in the dataset
  • Record history widget, wrong ‘user ran app’ info when eSig is signed by a user different from the one logged into Player
  • Deleted table records show ID in Activity Feed Events
  • Ensures that completions with extremely long text values are stored correctly without impacting analytics performance. Limits the performance impact of very completion text values in analytics by truncating completion strings at 600 characters within Analytics only.
  • Fix bug where inputs tied to table record fields with triggers don’t respect the new field value
  • Fix multi selection of widgets not working in base layout
  • Analyses shown outside of the Analytics Editor are restored to show the latest state whilst they are being updated instead of switching to loading state.
  • Bug fix: fix the firing order of custom widget triggers
  • Show a warning upon a failed completion
  • Fix issue where CAD Widget does not recognize upper case .STL files
  • Increased the maximum allowed image size for images across the platform from 5MB to 20MB

Really like the new array index function. Been using a 3 lined trigger with a custom Conn func to do this for a while. will be a nice change. The sorting and filtering options are pretty great too. :+1:

I like where the labeling is going for various input widgets and for the aliasing on embeded tables, cant wait till those can be sourced from a variable too. :wink:


Great release! I am very excited for the eyedropper tool. The labels are also great but I agree with Chris, they will be even more useful when they can be pointed to a variable.

Love the idea of the ‘2 in 1’ label and text input widget.

Any chance you can remove (or at least make it togglable) the ‘label’ bit from being tabbed through?
We scan in QR codes, and because of that it renders the label useless for us!

Hey @lewis.steel -

Let me write up a feature request for this one. There might be technical limitations that are driving this behavior right now, but I don’t think that is the case.

As a little bit of context, what you are hitting on falls under the umbrella of focus control. Focus control is enabling the ability to define the order elements are tabbed through. Right now this isn’t something we can to natively in the product. This is a topic that we are actively thinking about the right approach for (do we enable it as a trigger action? do we use some other UI to show the order elements would be selected?).

I will keep this thread updated as I learn more.

Hey @chris.wartella -

What is the usecase where a label tied to variables would be useful? I can’t think of one personally.

One of the reasons v1 of labels doesn’t support variable input is Multilingual apps. The way that feature works is by flagging text within your application that needs to be translated, and then users are dynamically fed content in their native language.

This wouldn’t be possible if the label was tied to a variable value, because that variable could be driven by an input in another step, or a table record, both would lack translations.

This is the same reason we have’t yet enabled buttons where their text is tied to a variable.

Having said that- I think we should enable this functionality, with that caveat. I wrote a feature request for this one!

Keep the ideas coming!

That is our particular use case actually is multilanguage support. Currently some of the languages we need supported are not on tulips list of languages to choose from. We have developed a connector function that writes to an array and then we parse it out to various ui variables in the app. We also have another app that lets us update the various language values tied to those variable so it can be done by someone who both speaks the language and does not need to know how to use the editor and switch back and forth. This method of multilanguage also means if we use the same ui variable in multiple places on the app, we don’t have to go into each instance of it to update it via the tulip multilanguage mechanism.

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Hey @chris.wartella -

  1. This is impressive
  2. This shouldn’t be that hard! There is some product working going on to enable languages outside of the 7 we natively support. This could even be useful for cases where 1 facility uses one set of terminology but another uses different terms for the same things.

Let me get the feature request updated to reflect this usecase.

Nice features! Any chance you will add an “On Start” trigger event for Signature widget?

Hi @DariusM, we may :slight_smile: What use-case are you thinking about, what would that trigger be?

@DariusM @Viktor reposted the request to add “On Start” trigger event for Signature widget to its own topic Add "On Start" trigger event for Signature widget for voting and visibility

  1. how to use signature widget?
  2. I am unable to find an eyed dropper tool ? the browser is chrome version ersion 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (32-bit)