Release 239 - October 2022

It’s time for another release announcement! This is a good one, with a few things I want to highlight based on recent feedback from users.

First, CHARTS LAYERS aren’t new but have proven wildly popular, and as of this release get forecasting and machine learning components enabled by default. This is a feature set everyone is asking for, and you can expect many further improvements in upcoming releases.

Second, better CONNECTOR MANAGEMENT ACROSS WORKSPACES and MACHINE ATTRIBUTE DATA EXPORT are the sort of workaday quality of life fixes that always warm my heart. This is the sound of progress!

:bar_chart: Analytics

  • Machine learning forecasting and advanced analytics are now enabled by default and no longer behind a feature flag
  • Clean up ordering and labeling for charts

:zap: Connectors

  • Clean up field creation behavior when cloning a Connector
  • New HTTP and SQL connectors are now created with a workspaceID; news feed records related to connectors are only published in the appropriate workspaces

:computer: Stations, Devices, and Machines

  • Machine attribute data export to CSV is now enabled by default and no longer behind a feature flag
  • Add user-friendly text that lists maintenance window start and end times to Edge Devices settings page
  • Users can see device info and access privacy policy, help, and terms of service within the native app

:iphone: App Editor

  • Added a toggle to wrap table header content on the table page and interactive table widget

  • Unique column IDs are now viewable and able to be copied from the Table page

:lady_beetle: Fixes, Bugs, and Performance Improvements

  • Resolved inconsistencies in chart labeling

Special thanks this time to @freedman for helping me draft the notes and supplying me with a “Russell GIF of the day”

How decide if a connector/functions is available for all workspace or only for some workspace?

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The designation of whether a resource is in all workspace or some workspace is queued for an upcoming release. I’ve edited the notes to remove some of the ambiguity here, sorry!

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Very good news! In which released is targed or estimate this feature?

How do I enable time series data collection?

@jjj As of now Machine Attributes can be exported, and Machine Activity is coming soon! Sorry for the confusion, we can update the tool tip to be more clear. However, I am interested in learning how you might use this data? It would be great to talk about this more if it works for you. If so, please use this link to set something up! -Pete-

Is Machine activity can be 1) Request by API 2) Publish in a Pub/Sub architecture to be share with other solutions

@youri.regnaud all of that is planned, but is currently work in progress. :slight_smile:

Timeseries means attributes data? (Not machine state/activity)