Release 244 - January 2023

Hi. There’s an absolutely massive list of new features today, in addition to the latest Player updates (Tulip Player 2.0.0 - Jan 2023). The Analytics team has put in a mix of usability cleanups and Vision gets a long list of brand new things.

Global mute/unmute for navigation clicks between steps was also added, h/t to @Technicallykatie for the world’s best-written product suggestion.

Read the rest, get building, and keep those product suggestions coming!

:iphone: App Editor

  • Adds Emotion Icons to the list of possible icons for buttons
  • Shape Widgets within the App Editor can now have Drop Shadows added to them
  • Removes the ability to add new Step Name widgets, which is redundant with the variable widget (existing Step Name widgets remain)
  • Standardize styling of disabled buttons
  • Navigation buttons added to dev mode
  • Add currently selected value to show in widget datasource
  • Improvements to the CADWidget functionality
  • Uploading images that are too large in the app editor now shows a more descriptive error message
  • Checkbox / toggle widgets may now have labels.
  • Navigation sound for players can be set to be muted/unmuted globally

:bar_chart: Analytics

  • Tweak chart spacing settings to prevent several corner cases where charts become illegible
  • Improvements to chart layer behavior for better usability
  • Clean up time scale formatting
  • Fixed Datetime behavior on scatterplot
  • Fix behavior on switching chart axes
  • Cleanup axis tick behavior
  • Correct for corner case with control charts where control limits are moved out of visible range
  • Now use friendly names on histogram legend and tooltips with the new charting

:computer: Stations, Devices, and Machines

  • On change to user’s email or password, an email will now be sent to the email address on record prior to the change notifying which field is changing and how to reject/revert the change
  • Added tooltips to the remove workspace mapping and remove role mapping buttons on the SAML configuration page
  • Added user-friendly text that lists maintenance window start and end times to Edge Devices settings page
  • Added an activity feed entry for restoring an old version of an app.
  • Add duplicate region button to region header. Add dropdown for duplicating, locking and deleting regions in RegionHeader

:camera: Vision / Machine Learning

  • Added a maximum limit of 50 characters while naming the camera configuration
  • Add support for using Realsense cameras with different resolutions
  • Add support for running ONNX models on visiond
  • Resolves issue where downloading custom models to the Player device would fail due to pre-signed URLs expiration
  • Added a search bar to the Camera Configurations and Detectors page
  • Add the ability to run device function and ask vision to record a video, upload it and return the URL
  • Add the ability to set the source of an app video widget from a variable
  • Added an empty state to the Models page on the Vision Shop Floor; the empty state is displayed when no detectors are found from the resulting search

:lady_beetle: Fixes, Bugs, and Performance Improvements

  • Fixed an error where a loading spinner is shown indefinitely when invalid layer options were set in the analytics editor.
  • Add and clean up tooltips for various icon-only navigation points

Can you tell us a bit more? New format support?…

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Still STL format only. STEP support is coming and this fix included some prerequisites for STEP support. Also changed behavior for sourcing a CAD file for the widget to allow either “Static Value” or “Variable” source; when using “Variable” source pick the “File” type variable.

Being able to mute that “click” globally by default is priceless! :brown_heart: