Release 247 - February 2023

This is an exciting release! We’ve got lots of great updates to our Analytics tools that are beginning to rollout, labels on widgets can now use the color variable to make them dynamic, UI/UX improvements for Camera Configurations, and lots of quality of life improvements.

:iphone: App Editor

  • Labels on inputs widgets can now have a dynamic color from a variable, so users can use these in their app logic.


:bar_chart: Analytics

:camera: Vision / Machine Learning

  • New dropdown configurations for Cameras in the Stations page for easy management

:lady_beetle: Fixes, Bugs, and Performance Improvements

  • Corrected issue with app preview on Stations Page to show logged in user instead of “Deleted user”
  • Fixed formatting so when adding a query or aggregation to a table towards the bottom of the Records Tab, the menu does not go off screen and cannot be seen.
  • Resolved issue where the translations of multilingual widgets were not being copied properly across apps
  • Creating and updating table records from app triggers will now retry upon error, improving reliability when running with poor network connection
  • Fixed date determination in the Player when using the Schedules functionality to use local time rather than UTC
  • Resolved issue where Interactive table widget wouldn’t let the user change the name of a column and select the data from the linked-record.