Replacing Table Record errors with a shown message

I have an error that pop in my app that I’d like to account for.

My trigger updates a field in a selected table record, the error pops when no table record is selected. Can I create a trigger that checks if no table record is selected so I can us a “show message” action instead of the error.

Hi Richard,

You could create an “If” statement to check if your record ID is blank (because the only way record ID is blank is if you have not loaded a record into the record placeholder) and then create an action with a custom message. Your ElseIf statement then would have the trigger logic for updating the desired field in the table.

Out of curiosity, can you explain more why you would prefer the “show message” action instead of the error message that pops up? Is it to customize the message that is shown to give more direct feedback to the person using the app?

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Yes the show message directs the operator what they are missing.
The native error message in this case pops up two items, one that says there was an error on the trigger and one that explains what is missing. I don’t want a “finished” app to have a trigger with an error even if it immediately tells what you the end user did wrong and thus how to correct the error. It just looks…bad.

Thanks for all your help.

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