Seeking Advice About strategies


I am a Software Engineer, What are some effective strategies for integrating tulip into our device manufacturing workflow to enhance quality control and productivity?

Any help will be appreciated

Hey @anilahir490, thanks for the question.

This is a really broad topic! Let me start out by asking a few more question of you: What do you make? What are some of the big challenges you’re facing right now in your workflow? Do you have any specific goals for improving QC and productivity?

Typically, the strategy we suggest is to deploy small solutions quickly to make sure you’re getting value with the platform as fast as possible. Usually this looks like finding a small but impactful opportunity area in your operations, building an app or small solution to address it, and then iterating and adding use cases. If you share more about what you’re trying to do I can be more specific.

Some things to check out in the mean time: