Storing a Variable in a table


I got a very basic question that I can’t figure by myself.

I am following the Tulip University Videos and am building my own small App besides.

I’ve created a table, I can write app information and increment values in it. Certainly, when I want to write a variable into the table, I can’t chose the table as a location, but only get another variable to (probably) overwrite.

Upper screenshot (last row) is what I am expecting, lower screenshot is what I am getting.

Please advice, thank you!

hello @CLL, welcome to the Tulip Community!! great to hear you’re going through the University courses, we can certainly help out here.

the reason why you’re not seeing the Table column as an option is most likely because there isn’t a column in the Table that matches the Variable type of Order Quantity.

here’s a quick example. the Table doesn’t have a field of type Number:

so the Data Manipulation > Table Record doesn’t populate as an option:

if however a column of type number (see Quantity) is created:

the quantity can be stored in the Table Record:

can you try this out and let us know if it works??

welcome again to the Community, come introduce yourself here!!

Hi @gio

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I checked once again. The variable “quantity needed” is an Integer. So, I need a row in the table as an integer - like the screenshot. This has been set up all like this all the time:

Please confirm, that I am getting this right.

hello @CLL, no problem!!

ah OK, so you do have it. that’s great, and could you share a screenshot of the Variables in your App:

just want to confirm that the Variable Order Quantity in the App is indeed Integer too.

Here is the Variable in one place:

and the other:

I can only upload one picture per post.

Never mind, I figured it!

The table and the variable were not corresponding. All good!

good to hear, great job @CLL!! and sorry, just to confirm - what do you mean by corresponding??

I only saw in the screenshot that the variable was defined as a number in the first screenshot.
In the second it only has the format integer, so workers can’t type in 2.5 parts.

The table was meant for an integer, so I made a new number-row and it works.
Workers still can’t type in 2.5 parts, as that is protected by the format from the second screenshot. Would probably be better to keep the variable as integer all the way, but I only figured that now.

got it, thanks for clarifying @CLL!!

as a note, you can store non-matching data types by converting them using functions in the Expression Editor: Technical Details of the Expression Editor | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

for example, you could use ROUND() to round a Number (with decimals) to an Integer. maybe not useful for this use case, but just thought I’d share that!!

Thank you, I might look into that later.

Thanks for the support, have a nice day @gio

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