Suggest how this application can be configured and licenses required

Hi all - thanks in advance for reading and suggesting that comes from you.

I’m planning to work on a Industrial application, where there are 100’s of machine, most of them do not have a PC but all of them will be provided with smart phone to log the complaint, in the event of machine breakdown, they will press one soft button of the app on the phone and message is relayed to all technicians and the event shall be logged at the backend - smart phone address will be machine name, time, date stamp will be picked from the phone OS,

Similarly the technicians with app on their smart phone will acknowledge, attend to machine all these are time stamped, and once the complaint is resolved against time stamped with finish button on the smart phone, and they will the type of complaint from the drop down of the app on the phone.

All the supervisors, line managers and factory managers will access the database and reports either through their smart phones or PC’s.

How this implementation can be done on Tulip platform, and how many licenses are required? pl throw some idea.