Trigger ideas (comments + disable toggle)

Couple nice-to-haves I’ve been thinking about as I’ve been playing with triggers:

  • Comments/descriptions - I realize I can have a lot of text in the name of the trigger, but it would be much cleaner if I could have a separate box to describe the logic of the trigger, especially for the more complex ones. While somebody with plenty of Tulip experience could fairly quickly dissect longer triggers, I think it would benefit those less experienced who might find themselves troubleshooting somebody else’s app.

  • An enable/disable toggle - sometimes I want to disable a trigger but not necessarily delete it. My example here is that I’m trying to create a standard template for work instructions and I have a trigger to ‘turn off all bins’ for a light kit. However, if the station doesn’t have a light kit, it will throw errors. While this is relatively quick to diagnose, my solution is to include the trigger on my master layout but disable it by including Static Text ‘A’ = Static Text ‘B’ conditions. Additionally, in those conditions I have included a description of why I have disabled it and why it might be needed. Again, for somebody with a bit of Tulip experience, this would not be needed, but that’s not the target audience I have in mind.

I’m open to suggestions for other ways of going about this…



These are both great suggestions I would also like to see - especially being able to enable/disable a trigger. Until we can copy & paste triggers, it feels cumbersome to have to constantly delete/rewrite triggers to test and troubleshoot while building an app.


If possible, I write triggers into buttons or images, which can be easily copied or pasted across steps.