Variable Timers

In one of our departments we run 3000 sku’s that vary process time per sku. It would be extremely helpful to have a variable timer that could pull in the time routed by sku (based on a lookup) and dynamically update the process timer shown on the step.


We are definitely seeing a lot of requests for more dynamic & powerful timer features, and I’m starting to scope out our approach. I’d love to better understand your use case and ideal solution. Does this description match what you are imagining:

Your app dynamically pulls in a value that represents the target process cycle time. The current process timer widget takes that value as an input, and it countdowns as it currently does.

Are there other features related to timers that also would help you better execute your use case? For example we’ve also had requests for timers that count upward, or for visualizations such as bars that fill in.

I’m also curious if you have issues/ideas with how pause currently works and is calculated in analytics? Currently bringing up the menu does not pause the application, a user must explicitly hit the pause button once the menu is up. Perhaps it would be more simple if the menu was by default a paused state.

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What you explained is exactly what we are looking for. I would like to add on the if the time is exceeded that it continues to show the time past the target time.

I have not used the timer much since it does not have this variable feature. I think both of the examples you have listed would be beneficial. As for the pause feature, I think it would be great if a standard button could pause rather than having to hit the menu button. For the use case I am looking at, if the operator needs to pause the timer, they should be entering data into another step as to why they had to pause.

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