Vision - IntelD415 offline


I’m running into a problem where the D415 is getting kicked offline during a step change and during completions. Sometimes it will not ‘reload’ and has to be unplugged to get it back online or the ‘retry’ pressed multiple times before it will start working again.

Any help is appreciated!

FYI: Running a surface pro, Atolla 7-port usb hub, ethernet to usb converter, RFID, and the Intel D415. I haven’t run into this problem until testing today so I’m not sure if its always been like this or if it started occurring just recently.

Hi @DewyWCI, I tried recreating the problem using your instance but wasn’t able to do so. If the problem persists, we can have a quick debugging session. Please feel free to book a time on my calendar at your convenience: Calendly - Saif Vazir.


I experienced that same issue once yesterday. Otherwise it was working as expected. If I run into more issues ill definitely setup a meeting.


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