Add time without hour

Hi everyone,
I would like to add time to the current date using this expression :
Add_time(@App Info.Current Date and Time , 7, ‘days’)

However, i don’t want the result to include the current hour.
I want to set time at 0 but i can’t find anyway to do it properly.

For example, if we are the 1st November 12:08.
I don’t want the trigger to give 8th November 12:08 but 8th November 00:00.


Hey @Fiora -

I would do this by adding the roundDatetime() function within the add_time() function. This will truncate the current date time to 00:00, then you can add your 7 days.

add_time(rounddatetime(@App Info.Current Date and Time , 'day'), 7, 'days')

Hope this helps-

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That helped, thanks a lot !