Advanced statistical tools/analysis in Tulip

Does Tulip offer any advanced statistical analysis of the data that may be collected, such as tools for regressions, ANOVA, MANOVA, Logistic Regression, etc?

Hey @wkurth4008

Right now we don’t natively support many of these more advanced statistical approaches, but there is a lot of work around this going on. @stefan Is the head of these efforts and can speak in more detail. He is out of the office this week, but will update this thread when he is back in office.


Hey @wkurth4008, thanks for reaching about this.

I’m a Product Manager at Tulip and would much appreciate to hear more about the use cases you are having in mind for these tools. Would you be available for a 45 min conversation about this topic? In that meeting we can of course also talk about Tulip’s current features and things we are working on.

If that works for you, please send me a short note to stefan(at)
Looking forward to talking to you!