Best way - common practice - to log table data changes


In app i need to log every record change in table. If for example name of SKU is changed I have to store previous name so audit can review data changes over time. This have to be done on multiple tables.

I’m thinking of creating Product_audit table which is same as Product table. When some changes on record occurs I would create new record in audit table with previous record content - before update. I’m not sure if this is right way to do it.

So my general question is what is common practice to log record changes.


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hello @ermingut, thanks for posting your question.

you can certainly add a Table as you mention to record all the changes. however, we also recently added a new feature called Record Widget that achieves exactly what you’re describing: Best way - common practice - to log table data changes.

I have enabled it for your instance, let me know if you have any questions on how it works!!