Best way - common practice - to log table data changes


In app i need to log every record change in table. If for example name of SKU is changed I have to store previous name so audit can review data changes over time. This have to be done on multiple tables.

I’m thinking of creating Product_audit table which is same as Product table. When some changes on record occurs I would create new record in audit table with previous record content - before update. I’m not sure if this is right way to do it.

So my general question is what is common practice to log record changes.


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hello @ermingut, thanks for posting your question.

you can certainly add a Table as you mention to record all the changes. however, we also recently added a new feature called Record Widget that achieves exactly what you’re describing: Best way - common practice - to log table data changes.

I have enabled it for your instance, let me know if you have any questions on how it works!!


I just tried Record History widget. I set Placeholder and as i understand correctly this is all I had to set.

I can see ID of selected record placeholder in upper left corner but widget itself is empty. I changed record in app (in “test mode”) and in Tulip player. I also changed record directly in table.

Is there anything else that has to be set in Record History Widget?

Thanks, Ermin

hello @ermingut, great to see you’re starting to use the Record History Widget.

the only setup that is required is indeed loading the Table Record Placeholder on the Record History Widget, here’s what it should look like:

could you share a screenshot of your App and the App running form the Player?? thanks!!

Unfortunately I can not post app on public forum I will create test app and try there and get back with screenshots.

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