Build Better: What's Next? Developing your Tulip use case roadmap - June 26, 2024 @ 11am ET

Hi Folks,

The next Build Better session is coming up on Wednesday, June 26th from 11am - Noon ET!

This time, we will be focussing on how to develop a Tulip use case roadmap with Tulip Customer Success Manager !

The focus of this session is to help you understand how to build a plan for your Tulip projects, so you are tackling the highest value challenges in a methodical manner, bit by bit, over time (agile approach, anyone? :sunglasses: ). Specifically we will cover:

  • Moving from a big picture strategy into an agile roadmap
  • Framing your roadmap - Using a business case to drive Tulip work
  • An example to walk through together!
  • Suggestions for how to get started on your own roadmap

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Have something specific you want to talk about during the session? Comment below or bring your questions to the session!

Hey everyone, if there are topics you want us to talk about, let me know here and we’ll cover them!

Some food for thought in the meantime - how do you build a pipeline of Tulip work? How do you prioritize among everything you want to do, and then keep the pipeline active and up-to-date?