Can I view the source code for my applications?

I understand Tulip is a no-code platform for users. Can I view the source code for the applications I’ve built?

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Hi John! Welcome to Tulip Community! :tada:

Do you mind telling me more about why you would like to view source code for apps and how you would use it?

Right now, our team is working on some more public APIs for apps (no timeline on this yet) that could allow you to get widget, triggers, steps, etc. data models. You could also export an app and see the .json file of the configuration, but knowing more about what you want to do / are looking for may help us better answer this!

Hi Beth- as an Application Builder, I want to be able to not just deploy digital workflow applications for End Users but also provide local troubleshooting capabilities so timely support is enabled for our 24x7 Manufacturing Operations.

Yes- I’m aware of the .json file of the configurations…the potential for public APIs sounds interesting (widget, triggers, steps, etc. data models)…possibly our experience has been with monolithic MES platforms and we naturally look at 24x7 support through those experiences and the expertise needed to support

Hi John,

Thanks for the additional context! I want to highlight our Tulip Support offerings here: Support Policy | Tulip

I know you are more talking about the ability to internally support your Tulip applications within your organization, but our support team does an awesome job helping customer resolve any problems quickly too! We also have a Premium Support package that offers guaranteed response times to issues if that is something of interest (especially in the 24/7 production setting).

In terms of debugging and supporting your Tulip apps in production, it should be much easier to do than traditional MES systems you are familiar with, but I do appreciate that you want to make sure you can be ready to address any issues promptly.