Create interactive custom widget for filtered data from tulip table

How to filter data from a tulip table and represent the same in the custom widget (how to create interactive custom widget which can show filtered data from tulip table)?

Hey @Ganesha -

A couple things to know-

  1. You will need to hit the tables API within your custom widget JavaScript to get to table data. A demo of how to do that is here (Getting Table Records from the API in JavaScript)
  2. From there, you need to render that table. This is fairly involved to do yourself, but @timdietrich made a sweet custom widget here (DataTable Custom Widget) that leverages the DataTable Library to display table data.

The other option is to make your own logic to create the table. Attached is an example widget where I did that (with my API keys removed). In this case a user wanted an interactive table where multiple records could be loaded.

customWidget-Custom Table Viewer - select multiple rows No Keys.json (5.0 KB)