Creating a Connector Function For a Sign In URL / trouble with instance link

Hi Community,

I was reading in the knowledge base about setting up a sign in url connector with a customer.

Article - (Sign In File URL)

We got stuck at the section called, “Create The Connector Function” Once you start creating a function, it asks you to input your instance URL in this format "**api/v3/signURLs"

We did not have the ability to edit our URL once we got to this page. Wondering if we should have this ability or if we did something wrong in the process?

Feedback would be appreciated! :smiley:

Hey @madison.bynoe -

The configuration of the connector will handle the first half of the URL, you simple need to add the /api/v3/signURLs to the existing path.

I will update the article to make this more clear. Does this make sense?

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