Custom App Resolution

It would be really nice if the mobile Tulip player was either able to support automatic resolution scaling or if we were able to set a custom app resolution.

At the native 16:10 resolution, on the galaxy tab A7 tablets that our team uses, you end up with ~1" blue bars on either side of the app on mobile. Modifying to utilize the 16:9 resolution gets it closer, but you still end up with (smaller) blue bars on either side of the app window.

The “closest” to actually utilizing the full screen (minus the native menu bar) is the 4K landscape resolution, which utilizes the entire width of the screen but still leaves a quarter inch gap at the bottom of the Tulip player (and would also require some major rework of existing apps to scale items up to be readable).

Are there any plans to allow for custom app/step resolutions or potentially have the Tulip player scale to the native screen resolution? It would be nice to fully utilize the screen real estate on our tablets.

Hey @richard.vaughn -

This isn’t something on our immediate radar, but the feedback we have gotten a few times in the past. I just added your note to the feature request and let me connect with the team to understand the technical hurdles that may have blocked this feature being built.