Custom widget behavior in different instances

We deployed an app that used a version of the ZPL widget to a customer environment within the last couple of weeks. The app was tested in our dev environment prior to deploying and the custom widget was working as expected. Our instance,, was upgraded to r230 last week, as was the customer’s environment. The ZPL widget is not working as expected now in our instance but is still working in the customer’s environment.

The specific issue I am seeing is that the prop associated with the custom widget is getting changed, but in the environment, the ZPL widget doesn’t process it. It is supposed to update a value in the label. Are there any known issues since the release of r230 affecting custom widgets?

Hey @kirons-

We caught a bug last week that has existed since custom widgets were introduced around the order data loads. In that case a user was passing the step name as a prop to a custom widget, but the widget was loading before player calculated the step name, so the custom widget wasn’t displaying the correct value.

Was yours a similar situation where you were passing a calculated value (a record loaded on step enter, any app info fields, aggregations) as a prop?

Just today I was able to reliably reproduce this, so we will be looking to get this fixed asap. In the meantime you can use this code to check for updates to any props, then do something:

getValue('My Prop', (internalVariable) => {doSomething(internalVariable);});