Custom Widget : Request for documentation


I am in the process of creating some custom widgets to enhance the functions of already available widgets/functions.

Is there a holistic documentation on all the method/functions directly related/created by Tulip that we could call from a custom widget JS?

Current list of functions I would like to call from JS in Custom widget:
-Print a step
-Print a group of steps
-Open link (url)

Hi Kevin,

The Knowledge Base has the following article on custom widgets: Custom Widgets Overview - Have you had a chance to check this out?

In terms of the specific functions you want to call, you can’t call those directly, you will have to add events that call them.

If something is unclear in the documentation, please let us know and we can work to improve it :slight_smile:

Hello Beth,
Thank you for your answer.

While the “Open link (url)” can be solved with an event, my two other points cannot in a dynamic way.

Currently, it is not possible to print a step based on its name in a dynamic way (similar to the transition - go to step by name). I was hoping that a print function could be called with JS and set a step name (or step name ID) as input.

Guessing that JS was used to create the “print a step” function, would it be okay to share its code to us?
Would it even be possible to share the code of the different default widgets? It would be a precious source of knowledge to develop even more (and better) custom widgets.

Kind Regards,

Hey Kevin – for security purposes, the Custom Widgets run in a sandbox, and therefore don’t have access to the same functions that we use to develop the 1st party widgets or trigger actions. Down the line, we’d like to expose more functionality directly to the Custom Widgets API. Until then, the code behind widgets or trigger actions won’t help out with CWs

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