Does anyone know why I am gettting a '301 Moved Permanently' response code in connector call

Hi everyone, I’m trying to use a connector to call an API in our ERP system. I’m able to use Postman, with basic credentials, and get a valid (202) response with some valid JSON data back. I put together the connector, which seems to ‘connect’ OK in Tulip, but when I add the function to make a specific ‘GET’ request, equivalent, I believe to what I use in Postman, with the same basic auth credentials I get a 301 Moved Permanently response code??? Any ideas what that response code means or why I could be getting it, when I make the call from the Tulip function.

Thanks in advance,


Hey @wkurth4008,

What’s the endpoint you’re trying to reach? It could be that you’re sending via HTTP as opposed to HTTPS or you’re using an outdated endpoint.

Hey Grant, yes, it is an HTTP call. Trouble is, when I try to create the connector that is the only option it gives me??? (Other than a SQL Connector)???


Do I need some higher level of Tulip account to allow me to create an HTTPS connection??


Hi @wkurth4008!

You should select an HTTP connector type and on the environment configuration modal select Yes for TLS.

If this looks to already be configured, if you could let me know the connector function URL after, that would be helpful!

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Grant, that was IT!!! :smiley:

Thank you so much!!!


Of course! Happy to help :slight_smile:

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moved this into Support & Troubleshooting and marked the solution. thanks Grant!

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