Downtime Review - Selecting multiple reasons per downtime block

Hi, right now as it stands you can only select one downtime reason per block of downtime when reviewing machine downtime.

I’m wondering if anyone has found a way to select more than one reason per block of downtime?

Hey @jamie.martin, thanks for reaching out here!

You are right that it is currently only possible to select one reason per block of downtime.

But we are always interested in your feedback as to why the current behavior might not be perfect for your use case and what from your perspective would make the product more powerful for your operations. The best place to do so is in Product Suggestions.

Please make sure to include details in your suggestion to make it easier for our team to assess and consider it.

I want to also be transparent that we won’t be able to implement all of them and that for those we are implementing, it can take significant amount of time until you see changes in the product. But I can ensure you the we read and review all of the suggestions and we use them to inform future decisions. Therefore you input is very valuable to us.