Enlarge pictures in tables

Problem description:
I use a Tulip table as a structured form of completions to store data that is inserted by operators. The completions page is unstructured and the columns are made in order as the variable is created. While building an app you make the variable when needed and do not think about the structure of the completions page.
The problem is with analyzing the pictures in Tulip Tables. The only way to enlarge the picture is to open a record editing and copy the AWS link where the picture is located and paste it to the address bar.

Tulip Tables should have the same functionality with pictures made using the app as the completions. When you click on the picture, it should enlarge it.

Hey Andres, this is a good idea to improve consistency. When you want to enlarge these pictures, do you want that to happen directly within the Tables UI? Ie you click the image within the Table itself? Or is it also good enough to click anywhere in the record, open up the record editing interface, and then click the image from there?

It would be best to enlarge the pictures directly from Tables UI by clicking on a picture.

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Okay sounds great. I will update this thread when we begin work on it!