Functions (set of triggers) that live outside the apps

Can we have the ability to make functions (a set of triggers) that live outside an app? I have a lot of functionality that is shared between apps. When I have to update that functionality, I have to go update every app which is both tedious and error prone. I’d love the ability to store those triggers in one place and edit them all at once. I imagine the UI could be similar with a button to add a Function by name next to the button to make a new trigger

Oh yes, like a no code Back-end for front-end (BFF) that encapsulate, orchestrate API/SQL request, Table record CRUD, … and prepare data to ease applications building and increase reuse across apps

@Gary Yes, good suggestion - we will definitely support functions at some point in the future but we are unable to give a timeline at the moment. In the meantime, we will have exciting new features coming out this summer that will allow you to pull some of this logic out of apps. What are some examples that you wish you had functions for?

We’ve got a set of buttons in every app that connects to an API for creating serial numbers and associating serial numbers together. I just spent a bunch of time adding usability features and better status popups to those buttons. I copy pasted the triggers into every one of our apps and then found a bug, so had to go back and fix every one. If they were managed outside the apps, it would be much easier to update and maintain. I want to add more features like dynamic colors, but it’s low priority because of how long it will take to deploy.

We’re working on a netsuite integration that will live in each app that will need to be updated fairly regularly on each app as features are added.

I also want to maintain a print button that can pount to multiple zebra printers, and i think this would help

Same issues with SAP ERP and SAP eWM integration