How to parse an object array to a custom widget?

Hi all,
I’m new to this theme and I’m trying a lot with a lot of books and sources, but I can not found my fault.
I’m trying to parse an object array (idea from @Pete_Hartnett : PDF Generation) to my custom widget.
Inside the widget the objects (arrays) should be flatternd to one entry.
The result should be a simple array with the flatternd values.
For example:
array([Text1,1,1],[Text2,2,2],[Text3,3,3]) => array1(“Text1;1,1”,“Text2,2,2”,“Text3,3”)

Inside the widget my code worked as expected, but I can’t parse the needed object array

That is the variable I will use:

But there is no matching variable I can use in my app.

So I’m asking for a hint what I’m doing wrong.

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF -

I am wondering if maybe the issue is a mismatch in variable type (object list vs object) in the app? So if you have an object list in the custom widget, you will want the corresponding app vriable to also be an object list (see screenshot below) - does this help? If not, let me know and we can debug further!

Did you try to create the variable direct in the widget input?
Then you can compare it with your preset one…


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@ChrisF first problem I see - your case is mismatched on your keys!

Looking at your props, you use [Text, X, Y] but on your variable you use [Text, x, y]. In order for the variable to map correctly to the prop, the keys must be exactly the same.

In addition, @thorsten.langner 's suggestion is entirely correct - adding from the input dialog itself will automatically create a variable that is compliant with whatever input criteria exists.

Let me know if this helps!

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That seems to be it. Variable names are case sensitive!

Hi @k.ober , @thorsten.langner @Beth

thanks for the hint. I will check it soon and also the reverse declaration of the array.

as a former MS Office VBA developer, case sensitivity was not such important :wink:


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