How to retrieve JSON from HTTP connector into custom widget?

I’m working on a task to create a HTTP connector & create JSON as an output. I want to use the output of connector into custom widget & retrieve the JSON to create a chart.

Can anyone tell me how can I use the output data from a HTTP connector & generate a graph based on the data?

So do I understand right and you want the JASON to be the output and not only the values extracted?


simply make sure, your API delivers JSON, but set the Response type in TULIP to Text:

I put the result in an object. This is not needed, but you can directly take the text then. Without the Object guess you have one more { }

Just experiment with this :wink:

Otherwise I suggest to read the Knowledge base about the HTTP Connector first :slight_smile:

I have already created a connector & the received the output.

What i want is to get the output from connector into custom widget environment & fetch the data there.

What i understand from the community, there are 2 ways to use output of connector into custom widget: -

  1. Create an application & use trigger to store data in a variable. Import widget into application & Use props to share data from variable to custom widget environment.
  2. Call the connector function directly using JavaScript.

Can you help me on which method i use & how to use it?

This totaly depends on your actual goal and your data.

You could make a trigger running the connector function in the app. This forces you to create a variable. Use the same Variable structure in the widget props…

To use Connector Outputs in the App:
Using HTTP Connectors in Apps (

To get the values in the widget read the Knowledge Base on Custom Widgets:
Custom Widgets Overview (

To Call an API in the custom Widget itself, you need to learn how to call an API and handle the result in Javascript.

I stored the data from connector in a variable & then Use the same Variable structure in the widget prop but data is not showing in Console log in custom widget.

Hi @rahul.singh,

you need to write Javascript, to get the values, use the values and output any values.

Please read the second link I sent you.

What is the target of your widget? Only getting Connector Outputs and then put them out without any processing makes no sense.