How to send notifications using the scheduler

How can I send notifications using the scheduler? For example: Send alert emails to Joe between the hours of 3:30 pm and 11 pm, on Monday through Friday.

hello @Neo, thanks for posting!!

just to confirm, do you mean Schedules and Shifts?? if so, you could set the Schedule at which you’d like to send the emails at:

and you could then add a Trigger similar to this one to check the schedule and send the email if it falls within a specific Shift:

does this could help in what you’re attempting to build?? let me know!!

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I realized the cause of my issue from your screenshot, my trigger was correct but would not respond. When I reviewed the Schedule and Shifts menu my ‘Weekday Schedule’ was set to a default value instead of the new schedule I had created, causing my trigger not to respond.

Selecting the correct schedule resolved the problem.

Thank you.

happy to hear @Neo, thanks for the update!! it would be great if you could share what you build in Show and tell - Tulip Community.

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