Is there a way to jump from application to application without loosing data or progress?

Hey so I am working on a work instruction architecture and I want to be able to have users jump to other applications as necessary to complete other tasks or to do Temporary Change Orders. What I am trying to do is make it so if a user has a suggestion for an improvement they can jump to the Kaizen application and submit and then return to their application. In addition I want to be able to create a TCO and have the application change to a different set of steps and pull the data in from the TCO into the original application. (The TCO path could also just be a different path in the application itself so whatever would be easiest to implement)

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Hey @Shrmnatr, so there are a couple of questions in here.

For the first question (retaining run data if an operator navigates away) the way I’ve seen folks approach this problem is by having an executions table that stores the values you need from the current run of an application so that it can be accessed when the operator returns. Let me check w/ the team to see if we have a standard design for this.

As for the TCO (and really, I think both of your questions), I think the action Complete app and change to step is what you’re looking for.

If you have an execution record that saves you data, you can route to an app w/ an if statement that takes a table record for your TCO as the criteria and then load your data directly in.

One method for this is covered in this knowledge base article. You’ll still need to store any relevant data you’d like to retain to a table, but this is a technique for letting a user move between apps if it’s a single individual that will be doing this process.