Jquery error with custom widget

I built a custom widget using jquery and tested it successfully in the custom widget dev environment. I loaded the custom widget in an app and the custom widget would not run as it was getting a jquery error. A screenshot of the error is attached.

Hey @kirons-

Sounds like live chat was able to sort this one out in the background but I will explain what we found if anyone else runs into this-

We limit you from importing js libraries in the html head (which is normally how you would do this sort of thing in js) because custom widgets run in an iframe, and aren’t precompiled, this means you can’t use reactive JS libraries that require compilation (Angular, Vue, React, etc.).

Check out the Knowledge base article on custom widgets for a little more information on enabling custom libraries. If there are libraries you are looking to use that aren’t on that list, reach out and we can add any (that don’t require precompilation).