🚀 Looking for Alpha Testers for Custom Widgets AI

Hey everyone,

Today, we have an exciting opportunity for some of you who love to be at the cutting edge of Tulip features.

We’ve been quietly developing a new feature that adds a layer of AI support to the Custom Widget editor. This means you can start building custom widgets by simply describing what you want them to do, and our AI will create an initial version for you to refine. Sounds intriguing, right?

This feature is still in its early stages and we’re looking for alpha testers who have prior experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as our custom widgets. This isn’t for pure no-code app builders, but for those who aren’t afraid to delve into a bit of coding.

As an alpha tester, you’ll have the first-hand experience with this feature and your insights could significantly influence its evolution. Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping how our users could potentially build custom widgets in the future.

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d be interested in, please respond to this post. I will personally follow up with you to discuss the details and how you can participate.

Looking forward to your participation.



Please sign me up :slight_smile:

I would love to apply too :slight_smile:

Would like to get on the list as well. Thanks.

Please sign me up as well.

I would like to apply to the alpha. :rocket: