LoRaWAN + Tulip?

Has anyone tested use of LoRaWAN with Tulip as the application server?
Any recommendations for a network server with a good API?


Hi. I’m a Software Engineer working on some of the embedded code at Tulip. Currently AFAIK, there’s no official support for LoRaWAN in Tulip, but I have started playing around with it as a hobby on my own in the hopes that when I had it figured it out, I would bring it to Tulip to integrate.

So, at the moment, I don’t have a solution, but am really interested in helping to find one!

What are you looking to do?

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Thank you for your feedbck.
After I posted this I discovered a possible way to solve this.
Take a look at my post here March 2021 App Competition [Node-RED] - #3 by oviland

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Oh, nice. I was going to ask if The Things Network was an option. I have a few of their gateways that I am setting up now.

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