Missing Object List output type

We can’t define a connector that pulls values from a list of objects because the output “Object List” is not displayed in the dropdown. Can this be configured or why is it missing from us?

I have the same problem, did you get a solution? ended up using a number list, but its not ideal

@acnjle89 @tokotu Let me check if with the team on this and get back to you!

first you have to choose “Object” than you have to toogle on “List” to use object list…

For me, thats an bug because the other options e.g. number and text have list equivalents number-list and text-list.

Hey all-

This one slipped through my radar. I am the Product Manager at Tulip that owns this part of Tulip. This is possible, its just not as discoverable as it should be. We have some work planned for later this year, and extending into early next year to level up support for Objects and lists in connectors, I will make sure this is addressed as part of that work.

Here is how you can output object lists from connectors.
This is the response returned from my endpoint:

                "name":"Support, Troubleshooting, & App Help",
                "name":"Custom Widgets",

If I wanted an object list of each of the categories with their slugs, id, and name, I would setup my connector like this:

This is saying - “For each element in my “Categories” list, add an object, and return its “name”,“id”, and “slug” attributes”. When run, this returns our expected result:

Does this help?


thanks @tokotu that resolved my problem