Multipart/mixed request

I’m trying to send some data to Tableau via an HTTP connector. I have the connector working to authenticate the connection to Tableau via Tulip, but I can’t move to the next step of sending data.

Currently, Tableau requires sending an API request with Content Type: multipart/mixed. Tableau is expecting a text portion of the request and also file containing the data (either JSON, XML, or another Tableau-specific workbook file).

The Tableau documentation mentions that Postman (which they recommend for API testing) doesn’t currently support this method of data transfer. It also seems that Tulip does not support this type of data transfer.

Is there currently a way to do multipart/mixed API requests that I’ve missed?


Hi Zack,
This isn’t something we support in HTTP Connectors right now. Please feel free to post in Product Suggestions so we can put this on our to-do list. Thanks!

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