Multiselect buttons - Array to a string

Hi @gio

I cannot replay in the other comment, If I use Array to a string option, then How Can I count in a dashboard what is the most common option choose?

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hello @LXM8843,

this can be achieved using multiple Count Where True Operations in the Analysis.

here’s the Table:

here’s the Analysis:

as you can see, Option 1 has 2 records, Option 2 has 1 record, and Option 3 has 0 records. is this what you’re trying to build??

thanks for posting!!

Yes Geo, just this … My problem now is that doesnt appear the option “Variable” after Join as you show me in your previous response , Am I doing something wrong ?

hello @LXM8843,

the dropdown that is currently open will only be populated with the Array variables you have in your app. could you send a screenshot of the Variables modal from your app??



hello @LXM8843,

if you select Que Mejorar as the Array, and Static Value > , as the delimiter does the variable not save correctly as a String?? for reference: Multiselect buttons - save into table record - #2 by gio.

no, maybe we can check tomorrow in our office hours

yes, we can review in tomorrow’s Office Hours no problem.

we’ll post an update here once resolved.

in today’s Office Hours the solution was found using the Join to String action.