Notifying user via email that recertification is due

The purpose of my app is for the user to check through standard work instructions. It is linked to a table that records checkboxes for completing tasks. It records the current date and time. Once they have completed the app I have a variable command that will add X time to the original "current date and time. The new X date populates the table so we can set a date to recertify that user to complete the app again.

My question is how can I create a widget or command to notify the user once that X date has occurred? I see functions to send emails but it requires the app to be open. I’d like the table to realize the date has approached for that user and it automatically notify the user.

Thanks in advance


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There isn’t a mechanism (that I know) of running these kind of background processes. (There used to be the concept of a headless tulip but that has gone away)
You might be able to hack something together using the machine monitoring (I haven’t explored it lately)
You could have an external process (say a cloudwatch scheduled event) that uses the Table API to send out alerts.

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