PS: create variable names by expressions

we have several use cases where we get a batch size (max 6) from our ERP and have to proceed them or collect data successively.
For this I’m using a set of numbered variables, to store (and hold) the information:
s_Item1, s_ItemName1
s_Item2, s_ItemName2

s_Item6, s_ItemName6

All information for a batch number are stored in one step, so I like to see the possibility to create the name of the variables by an expression:
‘s_Item’ + @variable.Batch_Number
and store information in this result-variable . Then increase the batch number and recall the same step until the maximum batch number is reached

Its very similar to the transition expression:
‘Go To Step By Name’ Step or group name: ‘Expression’

Maybe this will be possible in “the very near future”? :wink:

Regards Chris

Hi Chris,

For the use case you have, you might look into using the object list variable type. You can set an object to have different attributes, and you can attach an object list variable to an interactive table, so that it will look just like a normal table record.

When you want to do your operation, you would just load in the particular object index you want to work with, do your data collection, and save it. The object notation in completion records is a bit messy, so you’d probably want to reformat it with some variables dedicated specifically to annotating your records. In our system, we use Tulip Table records for this purpose, but it sounds like you’re driving your operations out of your ERP so you’d want to provide some scaffolding for providing clean, annotated data.